Luxury Escort Donation Budapest

Luxury Escort Donation Budapest

Luxury Escort Donation Budapest

Short but sweet encounters in Budapest

Exquisite Encounter

60 mins of private time.500EUR

For those limited on time who wish to get a taste of what I offer. A sumptuous, erotic encounter of exquisite bliss.

Sensual Seduction

2 hours of private time – 700EUR

An unrushed passionate rendezvous sprinkled with plenty of intimacy and snuggles. Perfect for first timers so we can truly get to know each other.

The multiple pleasure

3 hours of social and private time – 900EUR

Get lost in my embrace for several hours of orgasmic, sensual euphoria. Sustenance will be required.

Luxury Escort Donation Budapest

Luxury Escort Budapest Donation

Longer, lustful engagements in Budapest or in Vienna

Dinner & Dessert

4 hours of social and private time – 1200EUR

While it may be naughty, dessert before dinner can be very appetising. For those I have previously met, I adore working up an appetite beforehand and so happy to meet in private first. For new lovers, let’s share a meal together and you’ll be more than eager to spend time with me in private.

An Afternoon/Evening To Remember

6 hours, mix of social and private time – 1600EUR

Unwind with me. Massages, kisses, luxurious baths and showers together. Let your imagination run wild.

Snuggly Sleepover

12-16 hours of social and private time – 2500EUR

Can you imagine falling asleep snuggled up to my body, my hands caressing your body as we drift off in a blissful tangle of limbs? Even better, I know some sensational ways to wake you up in the morning so you have an everlasting spring in your step. Sustenance will be required.


If you would like a multi-day date with a luxury escort in Budapest, please get in touch with as many details as possible so I can create a bespoke experience for you! Please contact me here!

Please note that travelling is only possible if we already established a trusted friendship.