On writing

Written by Oona Leigh

„…Writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” – Lord Byron

Writing is not particularly a talent of mine but I enjoy spending time crafting these blogs to my lovers and readers. In my correspondance with you I do not grant writing lightly.

I am not the sort who will send copy and paste emails and come off as a robot in the run up to a booking.

I adore developing a rapport with my lovers, after all, it is part of the foreplay; building up that anticipation with every word eagerly consumed, igniting the imagination to run wild.

While I don’t think I would soon become the Scheherezade of our time, I hope I will get you hooked on my blog entries just as much as on our confidental correspondance.

Scheherazade (Thousands and One Nights) is the storyteller every blog-writer wants to be. A story-teller, a philosopher, an artist, a writer..

She knows how to intrigue a man’s mind and she uses both her body and wit to tame the love labour’s suffering king. She may be compared to some Venetian courtesans of the XVIth century that could deal with the most important men of their period being practically the sole women accepted to speak freely about politics, war, religion and love. I am fascinated by these topics, current affairs, philosophy and history, the bridge(s) between religions (ancient and modern monotheistic ones, but I will spare you this if we have lighter topics to discuss….for example…how do I like it…how do you like it…?…these sort of things…:) The personal touches clients bring are treasured by me not just as a Lady that you treat as such but as a blog writer too… our experiences create the most cherished memories that are the main source of inspiration for my blogs. The best ones arise from  the confluence of our encounters and the memories we create together.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Anais Nin 

In One Thousand and One Nights Scheherazade guides the voyage of all those willing to listen into a world  where it gets difficult to recognize the border between fantasy and reality; fantasy that leads into a magic world where everything is possible .

As your high-class gfe companion I accompany you, my Dear Reader and Lover into a world where I aspire to enchant you not only with physical pleasures, but through my musings, thoughts, my reflections on life, sex and anything beyond.

As we wrap up this blog post, you might be thinking about what topics I’ll explore in future articles. Well, I want you to know that your feedback and suggestions are incredibly valuable to me. I’m here not only to share my insights but also to address the questions and interests of my readers.

So, if you have a burning topic or a specific question you’d like me to cover in an upcoming blog post, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your input guides the direction of this blog, ensuring that it remains relevant and informative for you.

Feel free to suggestions and ideas, you can connect with me via email. I’m always eager to hear from you and explore the subjects that matter most to my readers.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I look forward to creating content that continues to inspire, inform, and engage you.

Until next time, happy reading and stay curious!