“What services do you offer?”

Written by Oona Leigh

Whenever I get this question, which happens a lot, I almost instantly know that the meeting will NOT take place. It usually comes from guys who make absolute zero effort to read my info sheet and for me this is rather off-putting. Not necessarily because I get offended by the question rather than the lack of effort they present. My website and my blogs comprise an extensive amount of information about me which has taken me a crazy amount of time and effort to put together and if someone does not even care to read it, then we are not going to have out-of-this-world sex, that is for sure…

This extremely wide glossary of „services” escorts provide these days is nothing but a desperate reaction to the normalisation of hard-porn in our society and its effect on men (and frigtheningly enough on kids…but that is not for now).

When you watch porn movies (which thanks to forced lockdowns and quarantine regulations in recent years most men were drawn/pushed into) you see explicit scenes and start believing that these are normal parts of the experience. The best scoring clips on these sites include CIM, gang acts, A-level scenes and nowadays no porn actress can achieve good ratings without performing anal, multiple penetration without a condom and taking a penis (or two, or three for that matter…)  interchangeably back in her mouth and vagina as well. (…is this sexy, really?..)

Porn literally changes the way the brain works. It’s incredibly damaging to a healthy sex life. There’s an IG page called FightTheNewDrug that exposes all the damage that porn does. Nothing about it is normal. I am – believe it or not – the rare exception of people who do NOT watch porn). ..and I love sex! Good sex for me is a sensual love-making rather than imitating bread-and-butter hard-porn acts.

A free advice…not from me but from men who have gone and tried their luck with the innumerable escorts who show glamour girl pictures and list all kinds of porn scene types of services at low hourly rate. What they got was a woman who looked nothing like in the pictures even with the widest stretch of imagination and who in some cases didn’t do the service at all….or if they did, they did with a „disgust disguised” for the €€€…If someone has a desire for this, each to their own, but we won’t be a good match. When you book time with me, you’ll have a much more amazing time if we both enjoy ourselves than with someone who just tolerates your acts for the €€€.

When someone requests a service list right off the bat…instant no, bye.. he can go and see one of the ladies mentioned above who „offers” those…and good luck with that..

Not only do I just lose interest immediately if a man sees a mere sex machine in me I also pity him…he  doesn’t know what he is missing…  Sex comprises only a small portion of my capabilites and skills. Limiting me to sexual functions is like driving an Aston Martin to listen to the radio.

What I quickly learnt is that the gentlemen who have a genuine intention to set up a meeting never really ask about „services” and based on my high frequency of repeat bookings they apparently love what they get! Sensual love-making (with of course a lot of play, erotisism and kissing, God, I love kissing).

Here is a little secret…based on chemistry and trust built over time, I may do things with the right Gent that I do not promise to everyone. What you get is what you put in (hmmmm..).. you will easily turn me into your very own mattress actress if you rub me the right way.

“…But this man, he’s got the right potion
Baby, rub it down and make it smooth like lotion
Yeah, the ritual, highway to heaven
From seven to seven he’s got me open like 7- Eleven…” – Salt n’ Pepa ft. En Vogue

I am profoundly attracted to humble gentlemen who are strong on manners and style. This combo of traits makes my knickers loose and my attraction to you will manifest in many ways.

And rest assured, while I don’t have a service list, I certainly do have a nice set of hard and soft skills and likes. ..if you show me yours…  I’ll show you mine…

…till then or my next blog…

With much love,