How to spot a fake escort ad?

Written by Oona Leigh
Escort Scams Signs

7 Signs of Escort Scams

Online scams exist in all corners of the internet and adult websites are no exception to this. Unfortunately for many clients it is difficult to discern a legitimate ad from a fraudulent one.

As a high-class companion, a truly independent escort I have been struggling with the extreme low quality and range of options for advertising my services in Budapest.

Most advertising platforms don’t run with ethics and customer service in mind. They are expensive to advertise for the lady and seem to be extremely hard to navigate for clients. Poorly made websites come in unpleasant shades of flashing colours, with too many pop-ups looking more like used car sales businesses than a place to find sexy professionals.

In this post I will be focusing specifically on scams that target clients. 

A client can never be 100% sure about the validity of a courtesan’s identity. It’s becoming more difficult to discern a provider’s legitimacy as technology advances. The natural evolution of these tech improvements results in increased sophistication of scams and easier accessibility. The outcome of these combined traits is a discouraging one; scams that are harder to detect and can be employed by more people. Any Oleg, Dick or Vladimir with a VPN and internet access can now run this con….and answer your messages….:(

For some entrepreneurs, escort advertising businesses are seen as a cash grab – a place where they don’t need to behave professionally but still make a lot of money off of us and You. This is super unethical behaviour. These shady operators know nothing about the industry and care even less.

Why are ethical ad sites so important? And why can you hardly find one in the hungarian listing pages? I will not talk now about identity theft, deposit theft scam or bait and switch as I do not have much personal experience on them. However, I have put together a list of signs of fake profiles you need to look out when considering hiring a classy companion escort lady.

  1. A combination of incredible appearance/professional photos + an abysmally low rate that is just too good to be true.

Photos of a knockout 10/10 companion like this one with below market value rates like “180EUR/hr”

Pretty self explainatory. It only needs common sense…it can not be true…

  1. Overly explicit or vulgar ad and/or photos showing penetrative sex acts. The idea here is to get you all hot and horny so that you’ll throw caution to the wind.
  1. Doesn’t link to a personal website or social media. If they have a website, check it out. High-class escorts are very diverse and so are their websites, so some will definitely look more professional than others, but look out for personality and self-expression through the text, layout, pictures and vibe… maybe even a blog… who knows? If they have social media accounts, it is worth checking…I do not have any as I try to keep a low profile but instead I update my website regularly….:)
  1. No limits, boundaries or instructions anywhere in the ad. The provider is just there to “please you in anyway possible” and doesn’t include any preferences or hard no’s. An example of the opposite of this a genuine independent escort ad includes some specific instructions or requires a certain level of standard.
  1. You often can not rely on them as independent escorts either as many agencies run profiles as independent escorts, they have zero or very little personal info about themselves. If they do say a few words about themselves that sound like it was written by a dude who is jerking off and vomiting out words – think “horny for your big cock right now all day every day 24/7 finger lick suck boob pussy ass” or… you know… whatever – you might err on the side of caution.
  1. “the foreign girls are all scammers” not necessarily true but still: tread with caution. If their phone number is not Hungarian (+36) this is a huge red flag!
  1. Doesn’t require any form of screening; Screening is the process of determining if a client is worth seeing measured by their risk level…I do not think I have to explain why it is crucial for our safety. A provider who doesn’t want so much as a name, ad site handle, age, LinkedIn URL, etc. or a photo is probably NOT REAL. On the other hand, tough, there are ways of screening that can be done with just an email address or phone number but generally speaking genuinly independent ladies take their profession seriously and to deliver their best service they want to know who they meet.

So, is there a sure way to avoid being scammed?

At the end of the day, it’s best to go with your gut and avoid things that you’re unsure of. In my humble opinion independent escorts are the way to go. I see the dire need in the hungarian listings of a user-friendly advertisement platform, a directory that features exclusively genuine independent ladies. One that truly verifies workers, to keep agency escorts off. Until it gets online (cooking, watch this space…) do your research when trying to hire a companion. ….. get in touch with your preferred lady and build up a connection. Scammers are unlikely to “waste their time” connecting with you. Real genuine escorts take pride of their reputation and will conduct their correspondance as such. Do you due diligence and you will not be disappointed. Beautiful independent ladies are out there but sometimes not at the first click of the mouse.

Until my next blog,