Why escort service fees can be expensive

Written by Oona Leigh

Buy me diamonds and rubies, I’m crazy about Bentleys. Gucci dresses and drop top compresses, Wine me and dine me, Bring those platinum rings. Those are a few of our favourite things.

Big Brovaz – Those are a few of our favourite things

..well, it is not always the case…. if you have ever wondered how escort ladies make and spend their money, here is your chance to take a peak into it with your favourite high-class independent escort in Budapest.

Here are a few reasons why escort service fees can be expensive

Perhaps the worker you’re interested in charges more than average… Here are a few reasons how and why we set our rates differently.

We may not work as often as you think.

A lot of clients assume that sex workers are rolling in cash. But often, we’re on quite a modest income.

Some escorts actually might see dozens of clients a week, many have a lower turnover. That means a few sessions a week. If the jobs are only an hour or two, long, then they’re basically making an average wage.

You’re paying for our emotional labour, not just a sexual service

You may be thinking, “An hour’s worth of sex isn’t hard work – it’s just having fun. How can someone charge so much for that?”

But although it’s fun and relaxing for you, there’s a lot of work that your escort puts into each and every encounter.

When I see a client, it’s my job to make sure they feel comfortable, welcome, and listened to. I pay attention all the time to ensure they’re enjoying themselves.

This is called emotional labour, and it’s the most significant aspect of the job. When you spend time with a skilled escort, you feel as though the booking is completely effortless – but behind the scenes, a lot of emotional work is happening on to ensure things go smoothly.

To give you an idea my finest Gentleman, you are such a rare gem. Most inquiries are from ‘time wasters’ – people who contact us but have no intention of actually arranging a booking. Dealing with these folks is time-consuming, as we need to sort through all the bad enquiries to get to the good ones. By the time an escort shows up for a session, they’ve had to decline a lot of other offers. So by the time You and Your lady meets she probably had to decline another 15 requests because she knew that ‘This guy (You) would be worth her time.

Escorts work hard outside the bedroom, too

From posting ads to filing taxes, there are dozens of unpaid tasks that can fill up the time of a successful escort. Marketing, admin, replying to emails…basically, it’s just like any other small business. All of this effort needs to be factored in when we calculate our fees and hourly rates! As for me composing and sending out these newsletters through the mailing system takes days…!!! I am such a blondie..

So a percentage of your session costs could be considered the ‘admin fee’. Without all that work, we’d never be able to meet you in person.

Our operating costs are higher than you think.

Advertising costs money. So do photo shoots, website or social media management, transport, health checks, the list goes on, and costs will easily shoot up to 1000 EUROS a month.

If you are meeting with an independent lady, you might expect some brain not just a pretty face as she somewhat manages a small business…. Ninety-nine percent of a successful independent escort’s work happens outside of the booking itself. It’s the marketing, photography, administration, accounting, website design and management and after that we all long to be on a date with someone whom we can finally share a nice bottle of wine.

If you spend time with a touring escort, their rate needs to cover their flights, accommodation, and food while they’re away from home. This is not me, as I don’t do tours but some of my dear friends do (by the way, if you are curious, who they are, you will love reading my next upcoming blog…

So at the end of the day, you will get what you pay for. If someone is after a quick shag, not much else, the world of online escort listings are their oyster.

However, if you feel you might also want to engage in a banter or build up something more than just a „wham-bam-thank-you-Ma’am”, you may want to do your homework and it might take a lot of clicks!!!!! Check if the lady has a website or social media, their number starts with +36 (or the country code of their location) and that they present themselves not just with a „Hi baby, I want you” but something an actual human being would write, not a bot, AI or a guy who’s jerking off. All good things come at a price….but the reward will always be worthwhile!

“.. Mister
Your eyes are full of hesitation
Sure makes me wonder
If you know what your looking for
Umm, baby I wan’t to keep my reputation
I’m a sensation
You try me once you’ll beg for more..” – Baccara

A date with an high-class elite escort is supposed to be special … and something that’s special is worth paying for. So, rather than dwelling on the cost of and escort’s service fees, find someone that’s deserving of your hard-earned pennies.