Date with a Luxury Escort


Here are some simple rules in order to date a luxury escort, i.e. me.

Date Luxury Escort


Please remember I work full time, so if I haven’t responded to your message yet, I am most probably still at my desk. Also because of this I rarely travel. I am most happy to meet you in Budapest!


Discretion is of utmost importance. We both have a busy and active life outside of this. We are here to experience something that normally would not happen. We cherish what we have built up in our lives and we respect each other’s privacy.
My busy professional life obliges me to protect my confidentiality, as well as yours.

Donation etiquette
Please, upon my arrival kindly place my donation within view. If our meeting occurs in public, (which is my absolute preference) please have your gift placed inside a book or a magazine and hand it to me discreetly. Thank you for not making me ask for it.

Good hygiene
This one should go without saying. Consequently, prior to a meeting please be freshly showered, well groomed, smell nice and have a minty-fresh breath 😉

Background Check

I am fully Independent, which mean I have to check myself who is requesting a booking. Internet is like the wild west, you cannot just trust things blindly. No more than you want me to not be the one on the pictures, do I want you to not be the gentleman you say you are. So, please make everything easier by giving me the information I need to make sure you are real. This is a must needed information for you to date a luxury escort and for me to meet a real gentleman. This should be painless and I guarantee total discreteness as stated above. Thank you for your understanding.

Date Luxury Escort
Luxury Escort Etiquette