Girls Girls Girls

Authenticity Being an independent escort companion in Budapest, I strive on authenticity and transparency. This is the only way I can provide the service I do and what honest clients deserve. (caring, personal and as unforgettable as I can make it.)     In a previous blog I wrote about how clients can get … Girls Girls Girls

On writing

Writing is not particularly a talent of mine but I enjoy spending time crafting these blogs to my lovers and readers. In my correspondance with you I do not grant writing lightly. I am not the sort who will send copy and paste emails and come off as a robot in the run up to … On writing

How to spot a fake escort ad?

7 Signs of Escort Scams Online scams exist in all corners of the internet and adult websites are no exception to this. Unfortunately for many clients it is difficult to discern a legitimate ad from a fraudulent one. As a high-class companion, a truly independent escort I have been struggling with the extreme low quality … How to spot a fake escort ad?

A fantasy alter-ego

Escapism Here we are, my second post. Welcome, welcome. If you have read my first entry you got a glimpse into how Oona came to life, in this blog I will let you further into my world what I think I am like and what I dream of you to be like. When it comes … A fantasy alter-ego

New to the world of blogging!

„of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine„ Humphrey Bogart famous saying, with a little twist, could read like this if the roles were reversed and settings reconsidered: Of all the endless listings and adverts of elite escorts in Budapest who are casting their charm in … New to the world of blogging!