WWW a.k.a. What Women Want

Written by Oona Leigh

Bad Boys vs. Nice Guys

Without getting too deep into the research on female arousal, the leading theory is that women are turned on by bold behaviors, displays of bravery and confidence.”
Mark Manson

This entry was inspired by a book I recently read (actually listened to on audio), called „ A Billion Wicked Thoughs” . I knew instantly that I was going to have to blog about it! It is purely scientific, yet so comical!

The book is basically a study of online search engine behaviour carried out by Google engineers. They were looking at billions of searches on Google. Studies find that 18-19% of the searches on the Internet are of sexual nature.

So, the engineers at Google looked at pornographic search processes and then segregated male searches from female searches.  What they found was that while men are searching out images, (surprise surpise) women prefer reading about sex, not seeing it.

Romance novels are basically porn for women, all feature warriors, soldiers, firefighters, jet pilots, some kind of daredevil bad boys….. and buckle up Gentlemen, if you happen to be a race car driver you may need to up your game as today’s trend is changing:

So the engineers at Google did a plot analysis of the typical erotic female fantasy. It is so embarassing as a woman I cover my head while I say this…but:

Apparently the 5 categories of most desirable male entities used most broadly in female pornography are:

  • vampires,
  • warewolves
  • pirates,
  • surgeons
  • billionaires.

Jordan B. Peterson the phenomenal psychologist says:

First of all there is a predatory dominance thing. With the billionaire it is more abstract but clearly that is an indication of a very high success in the male dominance hierarchy, but there is this desire for aggression,…the main plot is that the woman encounters this mysterious and aggressive male and tames him. That is the perfect female fantasy „Beauty and the Beast”.
Agression is necessary but because it is also dangerous, it has to be civilized. So what happens is that the archetypal female in these erotic romances seduces and tames the aggressive male.

Often when you ask women what they look for in a man most say they just want somebody nice but do they really? Or „do nice guys really finish last”?

„Bad boys” reflect dominance, confidence and a „ not to mess with” -kind of vibe.. According to Sadia Khan, a psychologist (Gentlemen, you will just love her a lot more than you love Prof. Dr. Peterson, she is gorgeous) the core thing for women evolution-wise is to have somebody they cannot manipulate.

Most women do not intend to manipulate or play the „tream him mean, keep him keen”-game  but when they realise they could they start to lose respect. Tough guys have a bravado for not settling for BS. So it is not being nice, that women dont like, it is lack of masculinity. If a man has weak boundaries with women and tend to roll over women start to resent.

So, to sum it up it is NOT nice guys that finish last, it is men who lack masculinity. Or the men who are not vampires, warewolves, pirates, surgeons or billionaires….(joking!!!)

a Man who is super-nice, yet still has masculine traits, risk-taking, a leader, has strong boundaries (in other words, does not put up with too much BS from us) projects self-confidence is a winner!

We like nice guys! We do not want ass-holes! Even if society is trying to tell us that masculinity is toxic, it’s so so the opposite! It is sexy and also vital! I know it isn’t easy to figure out women but thankfully many of You do!

My journey as a high-class escort has taught me that there are still men out there who possess integrity and compassion also assertiveness, leadership and even the aggressive ruthlessness of a warewolf that’s occasionally required for a woman to feel protected.

Hope to stay in touch! Till next time! Eager to meet!