A fantasy alter-ego

Written by Oona Leigh


Here we are, my second post. Welcome, welcome.

If you have read my first entry you got a glimpse into how Oona came to life, in this blog I will let you further into my world what I think I am like and what I dream of you to be like.

When it comes to everyday tasks, I rarely rely on the outside world. I fix my own tires (okay, not that but wait for AAA on my own). I’d rather walk a mile home from the mechanic then text a friend for a ride. I take care of myself on the daily basis and I do my own tasks, but at the same time I am a hopeless dreamer. And in my dreams I want to feel wanted, craved, adored.

Being an independent elite companion is my dream-land where I can enjoy the escapism and get to indulge my own desires. Oona is ultimately a fantasy alter ego and I adore stepping out of my normal life and into vertiginous heels on dates. As an independent elite companion I live by this premise – I want you, but I do not need you.

So who am I? Behind my marketing, I am a free-spirited creature who enjoys snuggles, the feeling of falling in love, craves affection, enjoys being taken out for candle lit dinner and generally being made a fuss over. Who likes to be held and made sweet love to… who sometimes likes a good old-fashioned romp, wall-shaking, bed-rattling, steaming up the windows type of fun. …

What really ignites a spark in me, tough is if we create a genuine intimate connection. Physical attraction thrives on emotional and mental intimacy…. connecting on all levels requires good communication, courtesy, a pinch of sense of humour to share a good laughter and good manners.

Further about what makes a date special, you can read in my upcoming blog (GFE) but to wrap it up I can just say…I am a sucker for a gentleman!

Good manners is the mark of a real man and I profoundly appreciate MEN who are strong on that.

„If “Manners maketh man” as someone said

Then he’s the hero of the day…” – Sting

If You would like to embark on a journey with me you could be my hero of the day… and I will be your everything for the night.

Until then stay tuned…